The all-in-one pass solution to revolutionize event ticketing.

Our solution sets itself apart from other ticketing applications by focusing on the best user experience. We deliver this by fully incorporating attendee's mobile devices ensuring the most personal, intuitive and flexible ticketing platform.

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Online Ticketing

Our individually customized, fully branded mobile-friendly online shop that has been proven to increase sales before and during the event. We have a very intuitive system to encourage sales through pre-order specials, discount codes and package purchasing with convenient payment options.

Digital Pass
Dynamic Ticket(s)

Each pass can be altered without reissuing tickets using our proprietary software that creates unique codes. Before and during the event our custom solution allows you to add items, funds, transfer tickets and scan them in. Passes can contain individualized information for each attendee.

Entry Management

Our system prevents any replication or duplication of tickets with encoding. When a user scans a pass it is invalidated instantly and our scanning devices inform your security of any invalid passes in real-time. Our scanning app does not require staff training to use, be up and scanning in 5 miniutes.

New Possibilities

Our solution utilizes the latest social media technologies allowing for you event to be seen by more people (organically) with no additional work from the host. As a fully customizable solution we can extend our application to match the campaign around your brand.


In todays day and age, everyone has a mobile device, it is an extension of ourselves. The UniPass product revolves around this with Android and iOS applications customized to take advantage of each platform. We utilize technology to make every process faster.

Data Aggregation

Capturing and analysing data around an event is extremely valuable in todays data driven markeplace. The UniPass product collects rich data and provides clear reports. Data analysis allows event owners to investigate internal processes and discover unrealized profits.

Event Solutions


Our system incorporates cash and online sales to maximize your accessibility and numbers while verifying each attendee.


Reliable large scale systems for any size venue. Pass building and transferring features give more options to your attendees.


Fast and secure entry with our scan system, coupled with fully customizable online ticket purchasing options.


Gather important analytical data live about consumers to boost your show and drive traffic to booths.

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